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Shattered Families in Adoption

I love adoption. Adoption is my life through my family, and my advocacy. It hurts me terribly that international adoptions are dwindling. But because I love adoption, I want to see it whole and pure. For families to have post placement support. To have somewhere to go when their lives are shattered because of a child that has become theirs through adoption. 
For years I was blissfully ignorant of most of the negative aspects of adoption. Not that my own adoption experiences have been all rainbows and unicorns, but nothing close to what I would discover some families were experiencing. After having already adopted 6 children, and finding that at our age and family size foster/adoption was not going to be an option for us, we looked into adopting from dissolution, which we would end up doing a couple of months later. As I entered the realm of dissolved adoptions, I stumbled into a world of darkness that I never dreamed existed. 
These weren’t just families who gave up too quickly and didn…

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