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When Hope is Gone

I will never forget seeing them as we stepped off of the basement elevator. Children that might have had the hope of a family at one point in time, but now that time was gone. These were children that this agency team had seen the year before while visiting the orphanage, but when one of our tender-hearted team members searched for some of them, longing to see them and embrace them once again, they were nowhere to be seen. They had been moved. To the lower floor where hope was gone. 

Permission was given for some of us to go visit these children in the lowest level of the building. And so stepping off of the elevator they came towards us. Longing in their eyes, yearning for affection, for attention, to be seen, to be cared for for as much time as we could give them. I remember that many of the children seemed to have Cerebral Palsy, and one particular girl caught my eye who used a walker to get around. She is pictured below. You can see the joy radiating from her eyes, and I kept think…

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