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This morning as I stepped outside to take pictures of my children on their first day back to school, I noticed a shower, or really a sprinkling, of ash coming from the sky and lightly covering everything it touched below.
 Apparently the ash is from a forest fire blazing many miles east of our home. I have never seen ash fall before, and as I watched it floating down from the sky I couldn’t help but remember the countless stories I have read, and movies that I have seen about the Holocaust. The neighboring towns from the concentration camps must have experienced this ash falling from the sky day after day, except unlike the ash falling on our own neighborhood, which was filled with God’s beautiful nature, it carried down the remains of God’s most wonderful creation; human life. 

Now perhaps I have read too many books on the subject of the extermination of 6 million Jews, and countless others during the Holocaust. It is a subject that has interested me since my youth. It both horrified m…

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